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Get rid of fake offersonline

Increase marketing efficiency by taking down knockoff listings
450+ brands are protecting their equity

Find fakes everywhere

Search everywhere fast
  • Online marketplaces
  • Social media
  • Search engines
  • Apps
  • NFT Marketplaces
  • Global domain name database
Find violations
Find copyrighted images, brand mentions, or logos with an AI-powered algorithm
See results in the Case Management System
User-friendly Case Management System shows all findings in a unified way

You won't miss a thing

Machine Learning, Logo Detection and Product Recognition technologies identify:
  • Logo
  • Product category
  • Seller info
  • Price and currency
  • 20+ parameters
Set up rules for automatic enforcement
You’re in control:
  • Authenticate the products in every case yourself, OR
  • Delegate it to BrandMonitor analysts

    Smart takedowns

    • Send automatic takedown notices drafted by seasoned in-house IP counsels
    • Pushback resolved by in-house team of experts
    • Our in-house team of 25+ International IP Counsels becomes an extension of your team
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    Dig deeper. Continue Offline

    • Numerous test purchases
    • Investigate brick-and-mortar stores
    • Initiate raids/seizures
    • Take non-compliant bad actors to court
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    Make sure you leave no IP infringement undetected
    Advanced software detects violations all over the world

    Protect your brand on 1,000+ online platforms

    Stop enforcing on listings – act against the real violator
    Try it now!
    Protect your brand on 1,000+ online platforms

    Success stories

    ’’BrandMonitor is where IT DNA meets legal excellence’’
    Case coming soon
    BrandMonitor is where IT DNA meets legal excellence
    Nikolay Kuvshinnikov
    Head of Legal
    ’’BrandMonitor is a trusted partner of over 6 years. We consider them as an extension of our team’’’
    Case coming soon
    ’’BrandMonitor detected more violations than we expected’’
    Case coming soon

    It’s time to take action – get your tailored plan today

    Start small or get full coverage.
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    It’s time to take action – get your tailored plan today

    Other solutions

    Offline protection
    Make sure physical shops do not sell counterfeit of your brand
    Customs enforcement
    Close the floodgates of violations on the borders
    Legal ip counsels, protect brand in courts
    Rely on IP Counsels for your every need in brand protection
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